Day of the Dead Inspires Lighting Design

Day of the Dead, also called “Dia de los Muertos” is a festival celebrated in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatamala, and other areas in Central and South America. I love this holiday, which is also celebrated in areas of the United States, such as California and Texas, where Mexican-American heritage is in full bloom.

I love Day of the Dead because everything is celebrated in candle light. It is spooky, but it is also romantic and spiritual. It inspired me to do something special on Halloween. At my house, the trick-or treat fun is not your typical American Festivity. I use candle light and create moments. Little flickering moments that direct your eyes here and there.

This past weekend a friend was amazed when he saw what I had done to decorate my home and studio for Halloween. Actually, this year I just didn’t have much time, so I threw something together. Yet I forget that what I consider “thrown together” may be far more than a less creatively-atturned person might do. All of which reminds me once again that I live for lighting. I love what good lighting can bring to our most public events– such as Halloween– and to our most intimate and private moments, where we linger with the living and the dead.

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