MOCA’s “Trinket” closes JUNE 28!

William Pope.L Trinket

Don’t miss Light Studio La’s project before it Closes on June 28th. CLICK ON THE PHOTO and go to an article for LIGHT SHOW WEST!  

William Pope.L Trinket at MOCA Illuminated by LSLA

William Pope.L Trinket

We are so proud to announce that Light Studio LA has illuminated William Pope.L’s Trinket exhibit at MOCA. This monumental custom-made American Flag will be continuously blown by large scale industrial fans and lit by theatrical lights during the museum’s public hours until June 28, 2015. Here is an article from the New York Times.

Join Kathy Pryzgoda at the LA EXPO in Long Beach on March 12th, 2015!



Have an Energy Efficient LED Holiday!

Led holiday lights

Finally, the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend is upon us.  If you are like me there will be no black Friday shopping.  Instead, on Friday I will be digging in my garage for the Christmas holiday decorations!  This ritual always includes spending hours of box moving, dusting off the decorations, and testing all my light strings. This…

Unique Luminous Homes that Glow Like Lanterns

Interior lighting provides welcoming glow

Jack-O-Lanterns are meant to scare the spooks away but nothing welcomes trick-or-treaters better than the warm glow from inside your home. This month Inhabitat Magazine put together a great portfolio of home lighting designs that welcome.  

Moving Time

The Lighting Design Solutions blog is moving

I just wanted to everyone one know that I am moving my blog starting today. It will be moved over to my website at I have loved the Blogger platform forever, but it’s time to integrate my website and do a bit of an update. If you currently follow me, I want to say…

Soraa Founder Shuji Nakamura Wins Nobel Prize in Physics!

Inventor of the LED revolution

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Shuji Nakamura, founder of Soraa and professor of materials and of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, along with two other physicists. We are huge supporters of Soraa LED lamps and believe this technology is an imperative advancement in our…

Join Me at LightShow Southwest!

A lighting design case study for the DWR retail stores.

DWR Seattle, LED Retrofit Lamps at Their Finest!

Our most recent Design Within Reach store just opened in Seattle, WA. It’s a unique store because we had to make the very best of the existing condition; suspended track w/ standard incandescent lamp holders. The budget did not allow for our typical dedicated LED track spots. In stepping away from those we had to…

Kathy Pryzgoda is featured in VMSD’s May 2014 Issue!

Click here to read the rest of VMSD’s May 2014 issue!

And the winner is… DWR and Light Studio LA!

Design Within Reach just received an Outstanding Merit Award for their new stores nationwide from the Association for Retail Environments and Light Studio LA has been with them all the way! The DWR Costa Mesa was one of the first stores to open along with new stores in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  (photography by: Sharon…

Kathy Pryzgoda is mentioned in the Saturday L.A. Times!

Kathy was mentioned in the Weiss’ Mandeville Canyon cottage renovation project. Click here to view the article published in this past Saturday’s Los Angeles Times!

Design Within Reach 57th Street Opening

Watch for Kathy in the first 10 seconds of the video below, the opening of Design Within Reach at 57th in New York! Take a look by clicking the link below: Design Within Reach 57th Grand Opening

Light Studio LA designs the “Jewel in the Crown” for Design Within Reach in the Heart of Manhattan!

Kathy Pryzgoda and her team at Light Studio LA completed their 7th store with Design Within Reach last week.  Collaborating with Sayigh Duman Architects, the lighting is an integral part creating a “lantern” on 3rd and 57th. Recessed black slots in the ceiling plane disguise the LED track spots and create a clean pattern of…

DWR NYC Lighting Featured in Arch Digest

Light Studio LA’s work with Design Within Reach was featured in the latest Architectural Digest! Check it out by clicking the link below: DESIGN WITHIN REACH DEBUTS A SLEEK NEW MANHATTAN STORE