Temple Emanu-el: Efficient & Beautiful

Next time you’re on your way to Palm Springs, make a stop in Redlands to see Light Studio LA’s latest and greatest high efficacy project, Temple Emanu-el. We want to point out some of our favorite conditions and mainly look at the color temperature of these fabulous LEDs throughout the space.

Here we are looking at the Merkaz where we have used 6″ LED downlights and LED cove lighting (all 2700k, aka warm white). In the center of the room hangs a decorative pendant using incandescent lamps– isn’t it warm and fabulous?! Now if you look to the bottom right of the picture you will see 2’x4′ fluorescent troffers (3500k, aka neutral white) in one of the administration offices where we wanted bright even light, which in our opinion, helps foster a good work environment. 
Next up is the Memorial Hall… Here we have used 2″ LED wall washers (2700k). If you look at the first picture to the right you can see how effectively the light is washing the wall from top to bottom. Also notice how warm the space feels. In the second picture you can see how evenly the light is distributed along that partition wall. With this product we used the recommended spacing from the manufacturer to achieve the look we wanted.
Finally, we are in the Sanctuary, looking at the Ark. (Don’t mind the workers, they are rushing to finish the Temple!) Now if we look up at the ceiling we have a few different things going on here, and I will show you a series of images that will display different intensities of light in the space. These intensities of light can be programmed as scenes for different occasions. For large projects like this having your lighting on a system, like Lutron for example, is essential. In this picture we are seeing the overall brightness coming from our 6″ LED downlights.
In this image we have turned up the cove lighting, which is made up of 4′ staggered fluorescent strips (3000k), and we are also getting some glow from the suspended incandescent decorative pendants. Oh, and try to imagine all of the decoratives looking like the one all the way to the right as the others are still covered in plastic!

Here she is, all lit up with full intensity. Notice how our point sources, indirect sources and decoratives are all working together to create a warm and inviting space.

Did I mention that ALL of our LEDs are dimmable? And warm. And beautiful. Cheers to that! L’chaim!

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