Pryzgoda Lighting Design for Cloud II Chandelier Illuminates Malibu

Homeowners and business owners are not the only ones who may benefit from some lighting advice. When I met Vietnamese-born landscape artist Andy Cao at a social event , I immediately felt a connection. He was describing his garden installation in Malibu and… …actually, he was telling the story of his cloud II chandelier project.…

Inspiration 1: Key West Sunset

Sunset, August 21, 2009 In a small prop plane, decending into Key West Florida What inspires me? The way the golden sun cuts through the clouds.

Introducing Kathy Pryzgoda’s Lighting Design Blog

I guess the simplest way to start is to start. So, LET THERE BE LIGHT! I love light.My life’s practice and work is all about light.I have watched people and environments transform with a change of light bulb and this has been what inspires me on a daily basis. So…. In this blog I would…

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