UCLA Opens Doors to Kathy Pryzgoda and Her Acclaimed Lighting Design Seminars

It’s that time of year. And I couldn’t be happier. I love the Spring seminar that I teach at UCLA Extension because it allows me to share directly with students, interior decorators, homeowners, contractors, architects – and anyone else eager to master the wonders of lighting design. (Such as retail shop owners, and other business people who recognize the value of a beautifully lit environment.)

Also, this fun, fact-filled session may be the beginning – but not the end – of your education. By exploiting the vast reach of social media technology, I extend my seminars with blog posts and Facebook comments that illuminate key talking points, share more on-the-job experiences and product trend info that expands your grasp of dramatic and cozy lighting design.

Bring a friend – and lots of great questions.

Creating Warmth and
Drama in the Home with Light
806.1 Art 0.5 CEU $95
Rich with illustrated examples, this one-day course
introduces students to the fascinating world of lighting.
Many of the fallacies of lighting are discussed as well as
the qualities of light and the tools used in good lighting
design. Budget concerns, basic energy code issues, and
the specific light requirements for the different rooms in
a house are among the topics covered. Working with
architects, contractors, and lighting designers to create
more elaborate lighting designs also is explored. Students
receive resources to help them find lighting fixtures
locally and on the Internet. Enrollment limited.
Reg# V6079B
Westwood: 214 Extension Lindbrook Center
✷✷Saturday, 9am-4pm,
April 17, 1 mtg.
No refund after April 14.

And in addition to my One-Day seminar I teach UCLA extensions’ Lighting Design Class for the Masters Program in Interior Design.

Lighting Design
X 467.15 Art 4 units $595
This course covers basic lighting topics, including light
and texture, light and color, focal lighting, light sources,
fixture schedules, switching patterns, and the required
drawings used by designers in both residential and
commercial spaces. Instruction includes lectures,
research, and student projects. Prerequisite: All courses
in the Certificate Program in Interior Design through the
4th quarter (see curriculum sequence) or consent of
program advisor. Enrollment limited. Internet access
required to retrieve course materials. &
Reg# V6234B
Westwood: 307 1010 Westwood Center
Tuesday, 6:30-9:30pm,
March 30-June 15, 12 mtgs.
No refund after April 6.
Kathy Pryzgoda, BA in theater, UCLA; owner/principal
designer of the lighting firm, Light Studio LA, which
specializes in residential and commercial lighting
design. Ms. Pryzgoda has designed lighting for the Long
Beach Opera, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, and the Jazz
Tap Ensemble, among many others.

Go to www.uclaextension.edu for more information. I hope to see you there!

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